Black Book Betting Horse Racing Edition

Today’s assessment will be on Black Book Betting Horse Racing Edition. The review will incorporate all of the data that I have managed to find during my research. I haven’t actually gone out and bought – instead I’ve done all the research about it, so you don’t have to. I will be giving it a ranking, and I’ll explain exactly what that’s based on. Should you wish to see how I went about collecting all of this info, please visit my About page. Please note, before reading any further, that if you make the decision to buy this product, it can result in a commission payment being paid to me. To find out about this, and how I remain unbiased, please have a look at how this site is funded here

Product Information

Black Book Betting Horse Racing Edition Product Name Black Book Betting Horse Racing Edition
Standard Price $49.5
Our Rating 63.50/100
Category Betting Systems Horse Racing
Special Offers No
Bonus Available Yes
I always aim for my critiques to give people as much information as possible about the specific products I am reviewing. This means that I will cover a selection of specific details about the product that will help you make a decision about whether or not it’s worth buying, or not. Among these details, I consider the price, availability and the score I have given the product, to be the most significant. Moving on from this summary, you’ll find that I go into more detail about the product and this includes providing you with a breakdown of the sales and refunds information I’ve found and details about where you’ll find the product sold over the internet. No product assessment would be complete without exploring the seller’s other products and current deals, so I also ensure that info on these is included too. At the end of my assessment you will, of course, find out what rating I have given the product. The end of my evaluation will then show you the product’s overall rating and I’ll also sum up my findings for you. So, let’s start.

The Sales Rank

So, how do I decide what rank the product receives? Firstly, I take a look at the product’s sales info, which is available from the payment processor, who’s been appointed to handle all of the card transactions by the vendor. Basically I start the process by looking into the product’s sales stats from the payment processor, called ‘The Gravity’. This can range from 0 to over 1000. The gravity score for Black Book Betting Horse Racing Edition is 15. That might not mean very much to you, so I have compared it to all the other products and given it a rating out of 100. This weighted score should be much more useful, as it shows you how the product compares to the rest of the products on this web-site. So, Black Book Betting Horse Racing Edition scores 100.00/100, which is a top, top score and means that this is a great seller – a sure sign that you’ll want to look at this one in more detail.

The Overall Merchant Refund Rate

Although this rating doesn’t relate specifically to Black Book Betting Horse Racing Edition, it does give you important overall refund information relating to It takes the form of a ranking between 1-5 where 5 is very few refunds and 1 is a fair amount of refunds. If you see a product with a ranking of 3, it is more than likely that it is a brand new product, or that there has not been enough data available to attribute it a proper ranking. You can find out more about this rating system by clicking here. has scored a score of 3 and this means that the overall refund rate is nothing to worry about.

The Domain – what can I see?

How do we find out more on Well, the most simple thing to do is to take a detailed look at the web page. You can in most cases get a decent idea of how trustworthy something is by the state of the website. The more established, typically the more trustworthy. Take a look at how many web pages the web-site has, for example this site has 0. This is a small amount, which suggests that it is not yet well proven. Another telltale sign that can help to determine the authority and quality of a web page like this is to analyse its inbound links. If you look at these other sites and judge them to be reputable then you can probably safely assume that this web-site is also. For instance, has 0 links, resulting in an ‘authority’ rank of 100.00/100, which is an incredible score and should give you confidence in the site and reassure you that it is most certainly an authority within this niche. We know the registration info of the domain – that it was registered in the name of WhoisGuard. To see the full info of the domain registration please go here. For your benefit, we are also able to tell you about some of the vendor’s other products.

Other products – what else is the merchant selling?

This merchant has 7 other products available for purchase. Not only might you find another product that you’re interested in but it will also give you a good idea about what kind of vendor the vendor is. You can see the vendor’s product list below:
Name Price Buy Now
Betting Supercharged - $22.69 Buy Now
Betting Supercharged Platinum - $36.04 Buy Now
Tips Butler All Sports Tipster Service - Tips Butler all sports tipster service. Recurring Billing of £12.99 per month. $19.56 Buy Now
Tips Butler Football Selections - Football Tipster Service. recurring billing £6.99 per month. $10.53 Buy Now
Tips Butler Greyhound Tipster Service - Tips Butler is a recurring billing tipster service for the Greyhound Market. £6.99 per month $10.53 Buy Now
Tips Butler Software $41.70 Buy Now
Tipsbutler - horse racing tipster service. recurring payment of £9 per month $13.55 Buy Now

Special Deals

There are at present 0 special offers or upgrades for sale.

Where to Buy

The seller sells the product (or products) directly from their web site – it’s not available for sale in shops, or from other web sites. From time to time, though, you won’t be able to find the product you’re interested in on their site – maybe the special offer or other product is only mailed out by e-mail and not listed openly on the site. In cases like this, you can still buy by clicking directly through to the payment page on the payment processor site. After you’ve clicked on the relevant link it will take you through to the product or special offer’s payment page on the payment processor’s site, where you can then complete your purchase.

The Overall Authority Score

So, this takes into account the sales rank, the refund rate, and the domain authority to produce a rough trustworthiness estimate. This is an estimate by a computer algorithm formula so it’s not going to be 100% accurate. Having said that, it should without a doubt help you in your final decision whether or not to buy the product. The score is 63.50/100 which is above average.

Bonus Offer

If you make the decision to purchase the product after clicking on one of our links to go through to the merchant’s site, don’t forget that this means we receive a commission. In return, we’d like to offer you an added bonus. If you are curious about what this bonus contains, please see here.
The Black Book Betting Horse Racing Edition Homepage

The Black Book Betting Horse Racing Edition Homepage

Product: Black Book Betting Horse Racing Edition
Reviewed By: Shaun
Reviewed on: 2016-01-29
Overall score: 63.50
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